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Custom Product Manufacturing

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At CYOS we want to give our customers only the best and purest supplements. The ability to create the supplements that you want, tailored and customised to you and your clients needs.





Shop pure supplements and pharmaceutical-grade pre-made capsules from our online supplement store. We have a huge range of the highest quality powders and pre-made capsules to choose from, so you can offer your customers a collection of established and popular supplements to enhance their wellness.

Our capsules are made pure and are free of fillers and additives. Ethically and responsibly sourced, you and your customers can buy supplements online that you can rely on. We also offer all items in bulk quantities so that you can save on our range of supplements, capsules, bottles, empty capsules and more.



Explore a range of ready to order supplements with low minimum order quantities and costs to get you started quickly and easily — all you need is a logo. Whether you’re a personal trainer wanting to offer your clients a selection of pure supplements to complement their fitness regime or you’re a retailer wanting to give your customers more choice, our White Label products are a great way to add an additional income stream to your business that reflects your branding.



For the budding entrepreneur wanting to start their own label and create custom formulations to provide customers with blends and active ingredients from pure supplements, our custom manufacturing is the ideal option to design and craft a complete product from its ingredient list to its packaging.

If you have a specific formula and packaging in mind to stand out from your competitors, our custom product manufacturing service is the perfect opportunity to develop your offering. This service will allow you to create any supplement you can imagine that is completely unique in the marketplace. We'll guide you through the entire process and offer expert advice to help you create exclusive supplements your customers can only buy from you.

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How it all began


Health & Sports Supplements in Australia

For the person taking control over their self-care for continuous improvement, we can provide you with pure supplement powders and tools to make small batch supplements tailored to your needs. Creating your bespoke supplements at home allows you to design your own capsule, tinctures and nasal spray formulations that focus on the amount and ratio of minerals, extracts or antioxidants you need. Simply follow our easy to read instructions, and you can mix your own blends in minutes.

Discover high-quality supplements online

At CYOS, you can buy supplements in Australia with a committed and proven focus on quality. We carefully source our ingredients from a vigorously vetted list of suppliers in Australia, the USA and the UK. With extensive testing and quality controls, you’ll find pure supplements you and your customers can rely on to empower your wellbeing.

If you’re looking for a supplier that you trust, we’re the best online supplement store you can go to. All of our products are blended, manufactured and encapsulated at our production facility in Western Australia. We are fully licensed to process food supplements, health foods and sports food to provide you with high-quality pure supplements at affordable, competitive prices.

With us, you’ll find the most extensive range of supplements in Australia. From nootropics, vitamins and minerals, fibres, proteins, amino acids, dietary supplements and countless others. We can also supply you with health supplements you can’t find from any other local retailer. While you’re here, check out our sale products to find great items at bargain prices.

Bespoke customer experience

At CYOS, we’re passionate about helping people improve their wellness and lifestyle. As the best online supplement store in Australia, you can make bulk purchases at superb prices. Whether you’re trying to find larger sizes or hard to find, specialised supplements, we’ll help you source them from reputable suppliers you can trust.

Our highest priority is our commitment to providing exceptional customer service with transparency. With two to four week turnarounds and low minimum order quantities, you can supply your White Label offering with smaller amounts that you can increase as needed to help manage your inventory.

Bespoke customer experience

Create Your Own Supplement (CYOS) was founded to make high-quality, affordable, filler-free pure supplements. We’re your default choice for ready-made, White Label and custom-manufactured sport, dietary and health supplements in Australia.
On a mission to disrupt the status quo, CYOS has developed streamlined processes to support small to medium-sized businesses in bringing additive-free supplements to market. Established by a scientist and teacher, our services can help you design your offering with custom blends and packaging.

From amino acids, nootropics, stimulants, bioactive compounds and bulk ingredients, among countless others, you have a wide choice of supplements online to design your own range and grow your business and foster healthy living. We’ll supply you with a vetted list of the best supplements and suppliers from Australia, the USA and the UK to give you and your customers an optimised journey to improved health and wellness.

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100% Pure • Encapsulated in Australia • Vegetarian Capsules • No Fillers • No Additives • No Binders • No Anti Caking Agents • Allergen Free • No Preservatives • Non GMO

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