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Empty Capsules (Size 00)



Full details

Our Vegetarian Capsules are produced with 100% plant-derived material (HPMC: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) and purified water. The HPMC is a wood pulp derived from the softwood tree species including Pine and Spruce


  • Size 00
  • Clear
  • Joined
  • Made from 100% plant derived HPMC (Vegetarian)
  • Contains no animal by-products, BSE, preservatives, artificial colours, starch, sugar, corn, wheat or dairy
  • Kosher Pareve and Halal certified

Store the vegetarian capsules in a cool dry place to keep them from getting cracked, deformed, or swell if exposed to humidity.The optimal temperature for vegetarian capsules is 59°-86°Fahrenheit / 15°-30°Celsius with a relative humidity between 35-70%. If properly stored, these capsules can last up to 5 years!

Empty Capsule Weight Capacity by Powder Density

0.6 g/ml 540 mg
0.8 g/ml 720 mg
1.0 g/ml 900 mg
1.2 g/ml 1080 mg