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Nasal Spray Bottle



Full details

50ml Nasal Spray Bottle

Material: PET (Bottle) and PP (Lid)



To make your own Nasal Spray you will need the following items:

Active Ingredients
Nasal Spray Bottle
Purified (Distilled) Water

Active ingredients: These can be whatever you want. Vitamins, Minerals, Herbal extracts, Nootropics and more!

Nasal Spray Bottles: You will need to calculate the volume of liquid that comes out of each spray as this will help you to figure out the amount of active ingredients that is dispensed. 

Purified Water (Distilled Water): Purified or distilled water must be used as tap water can contain contaminants and / or bacteria which can be harmful.

Preservatives: Are used to avoid spoilage and to prevent bacteria/yeast and fungi growing in your product  if they are not being consumed within a short time frame. Potassium sorbate or potassium benzoate are commonly used as a preservative in Nasal Sprays however these are chemical preservatives.

Humectant: This is a wetting agent an example of one is vegetable glycerine which can also act as an emulsifier. 

Emulsifier: This helps the product mix and stay mixed one example is Purified Soy Lecithin. Using an emulsifier will ensure the correct amount of active ingredients is dispensed each time. 

Ethanol: Can be used to help dissolve and mix certain ingredients. Also used as a preservative.