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J J   20 Feb 2019

Benefits of Turmeric


Turmeric is a very special spice – it has a uniquely lovely colour, a great taste and above all, numerous proven health benefits. Originally from India – and still produced more in India than anywhere else in the world – its rootstocks are boiled, dried and ground into the yellowy-orange powder we all know.

Turmeric is the kind of spice that you should really just keep handy and throw into your cooking whenever you think the flavour will suit, but if you want even more benefits than considering a turmeric supplement will really super-power your gains.


Health conditions turmeric can help

In recent decades there have been numerous studies proving the health benefits of turmeric and its main constituent, curcumin, for a huge range of medical issues, including:

  • brain health – research shows it can slow the progress of Alzheimer’s disease
  • cancer – curcumin has been shown to assist treatment of stomach, lung, skin, colon and breast cancer
  • GI issues – turmeric can assist with disorders like irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease
  • mental health – studies have shown turmeric can help with anxiety and depression; traditional Indian medicine practitioners use it to help with anorexia too
  • arthritis and other inflammatory conditions – a lot of research has found that turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties are very strong and it can help a wide range of health issues involving inflammation
  • endometriosis – researchers have shown that the curcumin component of turmeric can inhibit the progression of endometriosis, too.

Other benefits of turmeric

You don’t have to be sick to get benefits from turmeric, though! It has numerous health and wellness benefits for many situations. For example:

  • Turmeric is known to help with muscle soreness and inflammation from exercise
  • If you’re keeping an eye on your cholesterol, taking turmeric supplements has been shown to improve your HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels
  • Dealing with a bout of food poisoning? Turmeric can help with that, too
  • Turmeric is an ingredient in many cosmetics and sunscreens because it has been found to naturally help the skin look healthy
  • Dental health can also be improved with the use of turmeric as it helps tone the gums and eliminate cavity-causing bacteria
  • For preventative health measures, turmeric has so many uses: research has shown it can lower your risk of heart disease, help to prevent cancer and ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

There’s a lot of research behind the benefits of turmeric – and its main constituent curcumin, so it’s well worth considering adding some to your diet.




CYOS blog content is for informational and educational purposes only, and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendations. Always consult with your doctor or medical professional before using any dietary supplements or if you suspect you have any medical concerns or issues.




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