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Create Your Own…


Create Your Own…Brand, Private Label, Custom Supplements!

There are many reasons why you might want to create your own supplement, maybe you are looking to start your own business with your own brand or maybe you just want to create a customised supplement, tailored for your own personal use. Either way we have got you covered!

CYOS offers private label creations to people wanting to create their own product, by using our specialist contract manufacturing services we have the capability to manufacture your supplement from start to finish and get your product to the market within 4 – 6 weeks of engaging us.

At CYOS we are unique in our approach to contract manufacturing services. We offer a personalised experience to our clients. Every customers request is looked at and analysed by one of our expert Lab Scientists who takes the time to sit down and give their expert opinion on the creation. Our clients will then get the chance to discuss their supplement with a Lab Scientist who can also provide a cost estimation to manufacture the product from start to finish including delivery to your door.

Contract manufacturing and private label services. Customised supplements at home

Contract manufacturing and private label services. Customised supplements at home

Private label clients are welcome to come and visit our production facility in Canning Vale Western Australia where they can view the production process, tools and also discuss in person their questions and queries. Our capsule manufacturing production process is different from what you will find at mass production large facilities where you will find automatic capsule machines are used which require fillers and additives to be added to capsules so they can run on the automatic capsule machines.

At CYOS manual capsule machines are used in the capsule manufacturing process, these machines are operated by hand, this means that the capsules can be manufactured without fillers and additives and are 100% pure encapsulated products!

For customers who are after supplements for their own personal use or who would like to trial various customised and tailored creations at home, the Starter Pack is perfect to get underway on your next supplement project. The Starter Pack contains all the tools for home supplement creation including a Capsule Machine, AWS Milligram Scale, Mortar & Pestle, Vegetarian Capsules and much more. The Starter Pack is available at our online store along with a massive range of supplement powders to get you capping!




100% Pure • Encapsulated in Australia • Vegetarian Capsules • No Fillers • No Additives • No Binders • No Anti Caking Agents • Allergen Free • No Preservatives • Non GMO

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